The Importance Of Keeping Your Gutters Clean

Gutters are very important components of any home’s well-being since they normally help in controlling the flow of rain water and ultimately protect the walls, roof, foundation as well as the landscape. Unfortunately, when they are neglected, your gutters may get clogged with sticks, leaves and other kinds of debris. This could result in having a leaky roof or even water damage to your home. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure that your gutters are cleaned on a regular basis. The importance of doing this includes:

1. Rot Prevention

When debris piles up above the flashing on your gutter system, then that debris is likely to hold moisture on your fascia boards. Such standing moisture may affect the sheathing as well as framing beyond the fascia. Ideally, the debris that is clogging the gutters could act as a wick, bringing the standing water to the bottom of your gutter all the way to your fascia. The best news is that through gutter cleaning, you could prevent the aspect of replacing the rotten wood.

2. Prevention of Basement Flooding

If you are a homeowner who has dealt with basement flooding, you know that it is not fun at all. Unfortunately, clogged gutters are the most common cause of basement flooding. As the rain water overflows from the gutters and pools at the base of your home, right above the basement, with time the foundation will start wearing down. In turn, the water that collects right above the basement may start leaking into the basement. The result could be mold and mildew growth as well as destruction of the paint, carpets, décor and the furniture in the basement. However, by unclogging and regularly gutter cleaning, you can prevent this problem.

3. Prevention of Pest Problems

There are many insects and rodents that love stagnant water. For this reason, when rain water remains in your gutters for a long time, such gutters are likely to become home to mosquitoes, termites, rats and other types of pests that are near your home. And the problem may worsen when these pests get into the home through your gutter system. However, proper gutter cleaning will prevent an insect or rodent outbreak by eliminating these pests from your gutters and destroying their habitat.

4. Avoidance of Unsightly Appearances

Even if your home’s appearance may not be the only or the most important reason for gutter cleaning, it is no doubt the most obvious reason. Unfortunately, it is possible for the debris that piles up in your gutters to be seen from the front section of your home. Besides, the overflowing rain water may stain the siding of your home and lead to the deterioration of the roofing shingle’s appearance. To keep your home from becoming an unsightly sight to behold, then you should regularly clean your shingles.

Gutter cleaning will also prevent gutter damage, formation of cracks in your foundation as well as roof damage. As a result, if will cushion you from having to incur very costly repairs. However, when you are planning for your gutter cleaning, you should consider enlisting professionals who will use the write tools and cleaning materials and also do the necessary repairs or maintenance where there is need.

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